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2025 and 2026 graduates only.


Program Start: Week of Oct 10th

Program End: First Day of HS Tryouts


Two (2) 75 minute sessions per week.

$250/month ($25 per training hour)

(1 day/week option available - email for more info)


Max 6 hitters per group. 1-3 coaches per session depending on size.

5 point assessment includes OnBaseU Screen (movement), K-Vest (3D swing tracking), Blast Motion (bat speed, etc), Rapsodo (exit velocity, etc), Video Analysis.


Weekly Blast Motion and Rapsodo data tracking.

Weekly video review.

Approach and mentality development.

Competitive atmosphere - weekly competitions.


Sample Session Breakdown:

10 min - Mobility

10 min - Activation (med ball throws, band work, etc)

5-15 min - Tee/Front Toss

30-40 min - Overhand BP / Machine

10 min - Core/Forearm Circuit


Scheduling will be done manually by submitting your time slot requests via a link that will be emailed to all registrants. After all requests have been collected we will compile groups and send out day/time confirmations.

How to Register

-Click the "Register" button below

-Select the "Underclass Hitting Program" membership

-Complete the sign up

-Membership will go active on October 10

-Within 48 hours you will receive links to sign up for an

 evaluation and to submit your timeslot requests

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